How I got CHERISH, Akinte Ebunlomo Explains as she celebrate her BirthdaY!!!



All days are special but, Today 25th of September speaks much about Akinte Ebunlomo,with the stage name Cherish, as she  celebrates her birthday today, our wishes to her” Sist all you desire will come to past as you celebrate another year today, enjoy and forget your sorrow from today henceforth.”

In a recent interview with her, she disclosed to our team how she go the stage name CHERISH, sit back and enjoy the section with the up and coming tiva savage like “CHERISH”


Real name: Akinte Ebunlomo
Stage name: Cherish
date of birth: September 25th
state of origin: Ondo State (ILAJE)
Place of birth: Lagos state
Record label: Naira Music
Genree: Jojo Hiphop,and African rhythm


Akinte Ebunlomo(Cherish), one of the Nigerian’s female Upcoming Artiste ,an ND 2(National Diploma 2) Student of Mashood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY) ,studying Mass- Communication.
The multi-talented Vocalist and song writter was born into an Anglican Family of four(4) ,she started music at the early age of 8 as a teenage choir, she then joined the adult choir at 12.
Barely about A year Ago with her honey voice, she featured in a track Titled AREWA sang by Saxipet (label mate) and ever since attention has been given to her, fans has been expecting her own single which is set to drop soonest.

whatsapp-image-2016-09-24-at-12-42-31-pmAmebosquare:  Talking about your music career, Do the both parent really support you?

CHERISH: Yes I got maximum support from my parents right from day one of my career because at my early age I have been of good conducts and also got the fear of God.
So they supported me to the extent of even allowing me go perform at vigils while i was still a gospel artiste and even now which i do the circular music they still allowed me because of the trust they got for me and also because my Elder brother is also a music person and a multi talented instrumentalist so we move together mostly.

Amebosquare:  You so lucky to have such parent that really supports you, so how well are you able to combine music and education together? …. Cause there will be that time you will have to showup in a show and you wunt also want to miss that lecture …

CHERISH: Hmnnnm Deep Breath!!! Its not easy combining music and school but with God all things are possible and I just believe what will be will surely be, It’s Almighty God and Destiny….


Amebosquare: i love your response , your stage name is what nobody can predict how you got it, cause is unique, loving  can you tell us how you got the stage name ?

CHERISH: As we all know I gat this slim stature that many wish they had but couldn’t  ,and because I cherish my slim stature that’s  hw I got the name CHERISH

Amebosquare: wow!!!!!!!!!1..  Every musicians have stories to tell.. And few had no story.. Can you share with the readers that bad moment that remains refresh In your brain.. In short what are the challenges you have faced been an upcoming….

CHERISH:  It’s really not easy when it comes to making music a profession expecially switching from a gospel artiste to a circular one!!but am sure the first and major challenge I faced and still continue to face is that people tends to think I am now a wayward lady for me to have chosen hiphop music over gospel and mostly guys also wanna take advantage of dating me cos they tend to believe I am a flirt (wink)
But all in all Godwin (smile)


Amebosquare: On before this interview section i got to know that you in a record label (NAIRAMUSIC) , so tell us how has it been as the only female in the label..

CHERISH: Ofcourse i am coping well caues SaxipeT and Fabist aren’t just label mate but my Brothers from childhood and even has more impacts into all aspects of my life (Music and Morals Especially)



Amebosquare:  We got to be in an awareness party of your yet to drop track, GRA GRA,  can you tell us what the GRA GRA all about ..

CHERISH: (deep breath) Gra-Gra is actually my True Life story which could also happen to anyone, best understood by myself but i believe when time comes everyone gonna know the meaning and reason for GRA-GRA

We comes to the end of the interview, The  gra gra is a track by cherish and she also ft in a track by Naira music ft her label mate (Saxipet and Fabist): Saxipet you know is a saxophonist and he gives it hard and no slack in his musics, while Fabist just like thebadguy falz!!!!!!… no  they greee when he is dishing out the raps…  We will share the Snippet for download..  Enjoy


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