A Ghost Comes to Attack Me Almost Every Night – 25-year-old Woman Makes Horrific Confession


A woman identified as Nontobeko Nsele, has made a confesison that has stunned people.
According to her, she has been suffering from attacks by a ghost at night.
Daily Sun SA reports that Nontobeko, a 25-year-old, said when the ghost first attacked her in her sleep, she thought she was just having a bad dream. But she was wrong.
“When it first attacked me in April, I thought it was just a nightmare. But that was five months ago and the ghost hasn’t gone away.
“It attacks me almost every night,” Nontobeko said.
After consulting her friends and family, she thinks it might be an evil spirit.
Nontobeko said she cannot tell whether the ghost standing in the shadows is a man or a woman. Sometimes she doesn’t see it at all, and only feels its presence.
“I always end up fighting the ghost and struggling to breathe. I try to pray, but no words come out of my mouth.”
She said a friend advised her to sprinkle salt all over her bedroom, but it only worked for a few weeks.
Her sister Sinqobile, a 22-year-old, said she sometimes hears her sister mumbling in her sleep as if she is struggling to speak, and she has to run to her bedroom to wake her up.
“It is scary. Sometimes I am afraid this thing will turn on me,” said Sinqobile.
Thandonjani Hlongwane, chairman of the KZN Traditional Healers Association, said he has heard of cases where people use muthi (juju) to cause this kind of evil.
“She must first find out if the shadow is a ghost or something else. Only a real sangoma (traditional healer) can help chase it away.
“Salt helps chase ghosts away. But probably because muthi was used, the effect of the salt doesn’t last long.”

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