Falz Clears The Air As He Discuss His Relationship With Simi In Recent Interview


Rapper/Singer, Multi award winning actor, Folarin Falana with stage name Falz as recently disclose in what is to be know about his Relationship with Simi  in a  recent interview

Falz recently made headlines  with the newly released Album collabo with Simi entitled, Chemistry. In this chat with Entertainer, Falz opens up on his relationship with JAMB Question  crooner Simi, declaring that his success is not as a result of the popularity of his Senior Advocate of Nigeria father.

You have been working so hard lately hopping from one set to the other, shooting videos and doing collabos. Is this about making more money or more fame?
I want everything. You have to keep on working so that at the end of the day, you can stay relevant as an artiste. The more work you put in as an artiste the more reward you get.

Some say Falz is leveraging on the popularity of his father, Barrister Femi Falana. Do you share this belief?
No, I don’t, because I made my name for myself on the field, and besides, I am not even in the same field with my dad. So, for me, that statement is incorrect.

What is that thing that we don’t know about your relationship with Simi?
(Laughter) We just released a joint project entitled, Chemistry and it has been very well received and we are loving it.

The pictures released for Chemistry suggest that there may be more than what we know about the both of you. What do you have say to this?
Each picture signifies something. If you go back and see those pictures again, you will see the significance of each picture; each of the pictures means something.

But is there a likelihood of you dating Simi?
Is there a likelihood? (laughter).
The answer is ‘yes’ despite the both of you debunking the rumour that you are dating…
I am not the person to determine who I date. God is in charge of that. God is good all the time. I am not somebody that can predict the future (laughs).

So, what do we expect from Falz in the nearest future?
That is more fun and more music; we are still working. This year has run to an end but by next year, expect something brand new.

What is the craziest thing a female fan has ever done to you?
I was in a club one day when a female fan just ran up to me and kissed me. I was so surprised that she could just walk up to me and kiss me on the lips.

How did you feel after such a dramatic kiss?
It was so surprising and amazing, and I must confess, I found it very interesting. And guess what, I call it ‘fan love!’

When do you hope to tie the nuptial knot?
That is in the future. At the moment I don’t know.

What is that thing that people don’t know about Falz?
Right now, there is nothing new. We are still working. I think people need to go and listen to Chemistry, which has just been released.

How did you come about the funny accent you put up in Jenifa’s Dairy and sometimes on stage?
It is anointing; an anointing from God (laughther).

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