Exclusive: Bye Bye To The Popular Ikeja Computer Village As Lagos State Goverment Conclude Plans To Re-locate

It is a known fact that the Lagos State Government has concluded plans to relocate the popular Ikeja Computer Village to Katangowa along Abule – Egba Lagos Mainland. It will however surprise you to know that the traders and its entire management are not willing to put up a fight to retain the Computer Village in Ikeja, Lagos Mainland.

Commenting on the development, the President of Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN), Comrade Ojikutu Adeniyi Hammed in an exclusive interview with InsideMainland said the proposed relocation of the computer and gadgets market will only be successful if the proponents have the interest of the minority and majority groups at heart.

“We are not against what the government is proposing. We are working with the government to make sure that it happens seamlessly without rancor or fight,” Ojikutu told InsideMainland.

The CAPDAN President continued saying: “Our stand is that we are ready to work with government on the issues of Katangowa with only the condition that we be carried along in all the stages – from planning to implementation and execution – making sure that our involvement is 100 percent which will include the interest of the people from the smallest to the larger group.

The process has to involve the woman that has a show glass who does not have a shop to the highest shop owners. We are after everybody’s interest.”

Ojikutu while noting that the government should be wary of making a wrong impression with the relocation said: “If care is not taken and we are not carried along, it will send the wrong message and it will affect the critical part of relocating to Katangowa.”

He concluded saying “if the planning is properly structured making sure that everyone understands why the market has to move to the next level, it will definitely turn out well. As long as they (government) can put all this into consideration, Katangowa will be a success.”

Computer Village Ikeja, is the hub of computer accessories, gadgets and different forms of appliances one can think of. Also famously known as Otigba, market which is the largest ICT accessory market in Africa sits close to the seat of power in Lagos State.

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