How I Escaped Being kidnapped – Unilag Student


How I Escaped From Being Kidnapped – UNILAG Student

A 100-Level female student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) has narrated how she escaped from being kidnapped by two men.

The student said it all happened on her way home from the Yaba market in Lagos when the unknown men ordered her to get into their Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

She narrated her story to a popular daily:

“I was about to cross at the Yaba Roundabout, beside the Cathedral Church, to board a bus to Ikeja when a silver colour SUV parked beside me. There were two guys in the car and one of them said, ‘how are you? Enter the car.’ I was shocked at the statement because I had never met them before.

”I continued walking and tried to cross the road but they blocked me with the car; then I became scared. I was finally able to cross and I boarded an Ikeja-bound bus and took a seat. Before I knew it, both men got out of their SUV and walked to the bus I was in. They were both putting on Army caps. They told the bus driver that the bus would not move until I came down and talked to them.

”They claimed that they knew me, which was untrue. I told them I would not get off the bus and talk to them because I didn’t know who they were but they insisted and it resulted in an argument involving me, the soldiers, passengers and other bus drivers.

“The bus drivers later said I should get off the bus, saying they didn’t want any trouble, that I had probably dated one of the guys. This went on for a while until the soldiers and drivers went to the back of their SUV and continued the argument.

“When I noticed the soldiers’ attention was not on me anymore, I came down from the bus and ran to board a UNILAG campus shuttle bus, hoping that would save me from them, but when I looked back while in the shuttle, I saw their car following the bus.

“They followed the bus down to the UNILAG gate in Akoka. I alighted at the school gate and ran to the security gate. Their SUV followed me and parked close to the school gate, so I started shouting and crying, ‘They want to kidnap me.’ After a few minutes, they drove off. I had to call some of my male friends who followed me home.

“I was so scared because I don’t know what those guys would have done to me, if I had not run to the campus shuttle that took me to school,” she added.


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