Erotic Story: The Abuja Experience – Lady Narrates Mind-blowing S3xual Encounter with Her Friend’s Dad

The dry Friday morning found me buckling myself into the airplane seat, heading to Abuja. I was beyond excited for this trip. My best friend, Tomi and I will be spending the weekend at her father’s place in Abuja.
Tomi has been spending one weekend a month with her father since he separated from her mother two years ago. Tomi moved to Lagos after the divorce, to start her University education, and we met not long after she became a student of UNILAG. For the last 2 years, we have been inseparable.
I have always been envious of her monthly trips since I have hardly been out of Lagos. I, only recently, found the nerve to ask my parents if I can go with her, after convincing myself that at 20, I am old enough to take an across state trip. I was blown away when they agreed and got crazy excited when Tomi called to say her father was cool with me coming over.
After landing at the airport in Abuja, we took a cab to her place. The journey was pretty uneventful. We mostly slept though it since we had to wake up extra early for the flight. When we got in the house, Mr. Akinyele, Tomi’s dad, came to greet us at the door.
The first thing I noticed about him was that he was tall, and had a great body. He has got to be in his 50’s, but looking at him, you would not believe he is a day over 30. He was handsome and had that confident, intimidating air about him.
Tomi gave him a hug while I awkwardly stood in the corner, but I found I could not seem to stop staring. She eventually got around to introducing me.
“Dad, this is Diana, my friend from school,” she told him.
“Oh, Diana, nice to meet you,” he said, taking my hand in a handshake “I have heard so much about you. Welcome to my home.”
“It is a lovely home, sir,” I said, flashing him a smile, while feeling my heart flutter at our contact.
“Damn, why did you not tell me your father is handsome?” I demanded of Tomi as soon as we got in her room.
“Eeeew… He is my dad. How am I supposed to know if he is handsome?” She said, throwing a pillow at me.
“Well, he is,” I said, sighing as I sat on the bed.
“Are you attracted to my dad?” Diana asked, with a curious look on her face.
“Okay, now you are the one being gross. Of course not. I just think he looks really young for his age”
Diana looked at me skeptically but decided to let it go.
The day was spent mainly napping, watching movies and eating junk. But on Saturday, Diana took me out to see the sights. Mr. Akinyele had a work thing so he left the house really early. Diana and I had a blast. We visited the shops, the entertainment center, and in the evening, we hit a bar close to the house. I am not much of a drinker but Diana can be a bad influence that way.
She is so much more daring, and I was the reserved one. She convinced me that a weekend getaway trip is an opportunity to let go. I eventually yielded and had two bottles of beer. Not much, but considering my last drink was about a year ago, I got tipsy fast. We eventually got back home and hit the sheets almost immediately.
At about 2am, I woke up seriously thirsty so in my foggy, sleepy and still-a-little-tipsy state, I made my way to the kitchen for some water. While returning from the kitchen, I noticed the TV was on. I made my way to the livingroom to find Mr. Akinyele watching a TV program.
“Good evening, sir,” I said.
“Oh, Tomi, hi. Is there a problem?”
“No, I just came down to get some water.”
“Oh. Okay.” He responded. I noticed his eyes made his way from my face and down to my legs. When I met his eyes again, I noticed something in his eyes, which made me looked myself over too. That was when I realized I was wearing a shirt which barely covered my ass and I had no underwear on.
I got really embarrassed, gave an awkward smile and turned to leave when he cleared his throat.
“Do you want to hang out here? Maybe watch a movie?
I really wanted to get back to bed. But something about this man makes me feel a little nervous telling him “no.” Besides, wouldn’t that be impolite? He is hosting me for a weekend.
I nodded, walked towards the couch and sat by him. I am not sure what we were watching because, all I was thinking was that this sexy man was sitting next to me. I tried to concentrate on the movie, but all I kept doing was sneaking peeks at him. It was when I caught his eyes that I noticed he was looking at me too. Not at me, per se, at my legs.
Remember the barely-there shirt? Well, it has ridden way up since I sat down and my legs were at full display. I shifted uncomfortably.
“Is something wrong? Would you like to watch something different?” He asked me.
“Nah…” I replied. I started thinking maybe I should leave. Because I am having some really naughty thoughts about my friend’s father at this time.
I made to get up when he put a hand on my thigh.
“You are very pretty, he said”
I settled back in the couch and was oddly interested in his palms on my thighs. I did not know what to say.
I watched his hand move gently on my thigh and he slowly made his way up. I watched his hand slowly made his way towards my p*ssy. He stopped at this time. I figured the ball is now in my court. I either give him the green light or smack his hands away.
I pulled my thighs apart, giving him access.
His hands made his way to my p*ssy and he began gently stroking it on the outside. I was so turned on, watching such big hand stroke my little cunt. When he slipped a finger in me, I just about died. It filled me straight up and reached part of my cunt I never knew I had.
“Hmmmm, you are so tight.” He said, as he gently fingered me. He really knew how to use his fingers. He stood up from the couch.
“Lie down,” he said.
I did as he said and laid down on the couch. Before I could take a breath, he reached in and kissed my p*ssy. Using his tongue, he licked my inner thighs and continue tracing my outer p*ssy. I was so turned on right now and wanted more. I really wanted him to take me.
“F*ck me now, sir.” I said, when I could not stay quiet anymore.
“Say that again.” He said, as he moaned against my p*ssy.
“Please sir, f*ck me.” I said, knowing the words turn him on. He growled as he got up and pulled his jeans down. I gasped loudly as I beheld the biggest cock I have ever experienced.
I am no virgin, but I have only been with one man ever, so seeing a dick this big, I was afraid and excited at the same time. I wanted to run, while also wanting the dick in me. I was overwhelmed.
He stroked his dick as he watched me watch him. I am sure he knew he blew me away with its size, because he slowly brought it towards my face. I opened my mouth to receive him. I immediately found that I could not even get my mouth halfway. This just turned me on even more. I sucked him as much as I can and watched him throw his head back in pleasure.
He took his dick out of me, then position himself at the entrance of my pussy. He slowly began to fill me. My tight p*ssy was being stretched larger than it has ever been. Having his dick slowly invade me felt amazing. I could see I pleased him too because he closed his eyes, gritting his teeth and moaned as he entered completely. I grabbed his arms as my tight p*ssy finally took that cock in. I have never been so filled like that before.
I was just getting use to all that length and girth in me when he suddenly began to move really fast. My p*ssy was being pounded, and hard. I wanted him to slow down.
“Please sir,” I began. Saying that just buoyed him even more. He grabbed both my legs, spread them apart and continued hitting my p*ssy hard. In a couple of minutes, my pussy got used to the dick and I began to feel really good. So good, in fact that I could feel something build in me. It began as a knot in my stomach and it gradually got intense.
I felt like I was about to explode as I held on to him and let whatever it was escape. It took me a second to realize that I have just had my first orgasm. I held on until I found my sanity and caught my breath. I looked up and saw him watching me intently. He leaned in and kissed me tenderly. That was a surprising contrast to how he was pounding me hard.
I kept eye contact with him as he kept on f*cking me. We kept watching each other and soon, that feeling was back again. The one where something in me wants to escape. I recognized it this time and rode on the high for as long as I can. He noticed I was about to cum again and he began grinding against me. The sensation this time was heady. I groaned and bit my lips as I came around him the second time. Before I could gather my wits this time, I felt him grinding me even harder.
“That feel so good, sir,” I said, as he continued filling me with all the yummy goodness that is his dick. He spread my legs even wider and invaded me in earnest as he found his own release. He leaned in to kiss me as he climaxed.
I found myself panting from this encounter. He got off me and sat on the catch, trying to catch his breath. I sat up and surprisingly, he took me in his arms.
“You should take the morning-after pill,” he said, as he kissed my forehead.
I nodded. We were silent for a few minutes when I said, “I should go in before she notices I am gone.”
He gave me another kiss and watched me as I stood up. I felt his eyes follow me as I left the room.
I felt satisfied and naughty as I laid down in bed beside my bestie.
The last thing I thought before sleep took me was that I would certainly come back to Abuja to visit.
With or without Diana.


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