Erotic Story: My Online Lover Finally Comes Over – Lady Narrates Explosive S*xual Experience

For months, Martins and I have been sending each other naughty messages back and forth online. We had turned each other on, masturbated together and watched each other cum. I greatly anticipated when we will get to finally f*ck.
We eventually made a plan to meet up one Saturday. I arrived at his home at about 3 in the afternoon. We spent some time talking and laughing until we got comfortable with each other enough to go to the bedroom.
I stood before him and we were kissing rather passionately and he started to feel my breasts up over my blouse at first. I was caressing his arms, shoulders, neck, back and cheeks. We were both feeling that passion starting to rise.
He then lifted my blouse up and off and fingered my nipples through the material of my bra. That sent me through the roof. He started unfastening it and I began unbuttoning his shirt.
He had a beautiful chest. It just felt so good standing there next to each other kissing passionately and caressing. You could just feel that warm skin against skin.
He took my hand and placed it over his cock in his pants. He was hard as a rock and wanting desperately to escape from the constraints of his pants. I told him I think we needed to ‘free” his friend and began unbuckling his belt, then unfastened his pants and slid them down around his ankles and he stepped out of them.
His cock was bouncing out of his underwear, sticking straight out, so I pulled them down, then knelt before him and gave him a little kiss. He went crazy and put his hands on my head. I started to suck him a bit and playfully tease and lick him.
He dipped his cock in my mouth and I sucked, taking him as deep as possible. When I was sure he was hard enough, I gently pushed him towards the bed. I pulled back to take off my panties then straddled him. Holding up his cock, I bent my ass, swallowing him with my p*ssy. He groaned as I began to f*ck him, bouncing up and down happily on his hard dick.
I clenched my pussy so my lips were tightly wrapped around him. I placed my feet firmly on the bed and fucked him in a squat position. I went up and down until my hips began to ache then I went on my knees and grinned against him.
I fucked him this way and in all angles for nearly thirty minutes. I enjoyed orgasms after orgasms until he let out a deep groan and I stilled, feeling him empty himself inside me.
It was one of the best dates I ever had.

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