Davido Confirms He’s Expecting Baby Number 2.

While cruising down, not cruising actually… while intensively trying to break free from the serious Lagos traffic this evening, Daniel and I tuned in to The Beat FM to ease off the traffic tension and boy were we glad that we did!

We heard a familiar voice in the studio, who played guest on a live Instagram interview with Gbemi – Davido, being his original self, talked on a lot of issues about himself, like the over 20 people he usually is with all the time are his “family”, his taste in women and cars, his take on being signed on an international deal and lots more.

What caught our ears, away from the heavy traffic was he acknowledging the fact that he’s expecting a second child with his 24-year-old Atlanta based girlfriend, Amanda.

Without merry go rounding, he said blatantly that he was indeed expecting a second baby and we were stunned – as the show continued, when he was asked which is his favourite tattoo he said, it’s the one of his sister’s name and maybe the next favourite might be that of “Imade’s little sister“… yup! You saw that right, Imade’s little sister… so that obviously proves that he’s not only expecting another kid but, another girl.

Congratulations to the “IF” crooner though…

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