#CareerAmebo: Los Tegger Talks About #MusicProduction And #SongWritting

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#CareerAmebo Is An Avenue for you to get Steps,Advices from Mentors in that Career you have Choosen. Every Edition Of Career Amebo  Will Be Up On This Blog Every Wednesday….

First Edition of the #CareerAmebo we will be featuring The Lord Of Sound: Los Teggar, Los Teggaer who is a Multi Award Winning Music Producer and Song Writter, he has worked with load lot for artist in the industry and he has been working hard to hit the Top..  We at AmebosquareMedia We have decided to Feature him on the Topics #MusicProduction and #SongWritting….




Real name: Arogunyo Olarewaju

Stage name: Los Teggar

date of birth: ??

state of origin: Ondo State

Place of birth: ??

AmebosquareMedia : When and How Do you start Song Writting / Music Production what gave you the motivation to stay with it? ? ?

Los Teggar: I Started  Music Production July 2015 , mmm I Always Love Playing Drums For Our Church Then When I Was In Secondary School And Again Each Tym I Write Song Dnt Jst Knw When This Beat Inspiration Do Came From Then I Decided Too Go For It And Too Make Good Music For My Self.

AmebosquareMedia:  With all the music producers in the world,what made you think that you were still going to be successful in this field?

Los Teggar: Wow Every One Will Do Their Nd I Will Do Mine And Am Very Sure Of My Work. AND BY GOD GRACE

AmebosquareMedia: So talking about your career do parent really support you or they are against you ?

Los Teggar:  Hmm At First They Are Totaly Against It Even Till Now They Never Support Finacialy Bt They Just Leave Me Nd I Chase My Dream



AmebosquareMedia: Los Teggaer/Los Teggar/Los Teggaer …how do you come up with that stage name!!… .. I really wonna no how,and what brought about the name

Los Teggar : Wow Nice Question People Do Ask Such Question So Many Times I Just Love The Name Los Stand For Lord Of Sound #lol And That Tegger Is Given 2me By My Brother Drench

AmebosquareMedia:  Every musicians have stories to tell.. And few had no story.. Can you share with the readers that bad moment that remains refresh In your brain.. In short what are the challenges you have faced been a Music Producer

Los Teggar : Lot And Still Facing Till Now Especially From Djs Friends People Close 2u Nd Some Time People Loke Down On Me Like Am Nobody Freeshows Yet They Never Appreciate. I Face Alot But I Believe I Shall Over Come #oluwagatmyback

AmebosquareMedia:  Wow.. We the Amebosquare Team.. We do allot of researches.. And we Have confirmed that you are used to making free beat.. How many freebeat have you made

Los Teggar: Hahahahahahaha Let Jst Say Alot Bt Like 4 Is On Net But For Others I Just Dash Out Just Too Help The Upcoming Artist

AmebosquareMedia: How do you see Production aside from Song Writing

Los Teggar: Both Is Fun Doing It But It A Little Bit Stressful But Is A Must For Me 2 Do The Both Cos That What I Belive In

So we come to the end of the interview.. so say  your appreciation,share your social media ID’s 

 instagram : Lostegger  Fbpage: Lostegger Tel: 09076273982

instagram: AmebosquareMedia Twitter: AmebosquareMedia

facebook : AmebosquareMedia


Los Teggar : Thanks For All The Love You Guys Gat For Me From Day One Chase Your Dream Work Hard Stay Humble

Stay Tuned Next Week Wednesday As We Will Be Here Again To Talk Career Challenges and Preffered Solutions by mentor!!!!


11 thoughts on “#CareerAmebo: Los Tegger Talks About #MusicProduction And #SongWritting”

  1. Rizzy says:

    How do you see Production aside from Song Writing

  2. Rizzy says:

    What inspired you into the industry?

  3. Rizzy says:

    Are you single…???

  4. Rizzy says:

    Do you have an EP or Any..???

  5. Rizzy says:

    Any record Deal…???

  6. Lostegger says:

    Working On My Ep

  7. Lostegger says:

    Not Yet In A Record Deal

  8. Rizzy says:

    Who do you Fam in the Industry.?

  9. Rizzy says:

    How will you feel if you were been signed in a Big Record deal… Probably YBNL..??? Lol

  10. Lostegger says:

    Wow Ybnl I Love That O I Will Be So Much Happy O Cos The Record Label Is Well Know

  11. Lostegger says:


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