Antar Laniyan Set New Standard For ANUCA #ANUCA2017 Award Categories

ANUCA 2017 Award Categories

The Management of Annual University CrestAward (volts Media Group) sees this opportunity to Announce the 5th Edition of ANUCA 2017Award Categories.

The early Announcement is to Draw the attention of students as Nomination kicks off in January 2017.

After series of Press Conferences and Management Meeting, The Management of ANUCA as Agree to Partner with The Volts Media Nigerias Leading Media Brand to Host ANUCA 2017.

According to The Founder; Antar Laniyan he stated:

we are Glad to have the Volts Media House as the New management of ANUCA award under the Supervision of Okikiola Ayotunde (The C.E.O of ANUCA award).

This serves as follow up of 4years of impacting students; we have reach Conclusion to set up a New standard stating

Before a student can be Nominated for ANUCA Award, such Student must have won an award with series of nominations within his/her School .

We have work on our award plaque and we promise to always Keep our credibility.

200-500 (Students)

1.Most Beautiful

2.Most Handsome

3.Most Fashionable Male

4.Most Fashionable Female

5.Student OAP of the Year

6.Student Movie Actor of the Year

7. Student Movie Actress of the Year

8. Best Student Video Director of the year

9. Best Clothing Line own by Student

10. Student Fashion Designer of the Year

11. Student Comedian of the Year

12. Best online comedy platform own by Student

13. Student D.J of the Year

14. Student Artist of the Year Male

15. Student Artist of the Year female

16. Best Campus Blog of the Year

17. Best use of social Media platform

18. Student Blogger of the Year female

19. Student Blogger of the Year Male

20. Best Leading Website own by Student

21. Student Photographer of the Year Male

22. Student Photographer of the Year Female

23. Best Campus Journalist

24. Most Creative student (Male)

25. Most Creative Student (Female)

26. ANUCA Best New Act

27. Most Influential Male

28. Most Influential Female

29. Campus Beauty Queen of the Year (Campus / Departmental Beauty Queens)

30. Most Popular Male

31. Most Popular Female

32. Best Supporting Student Union Body

33. Best Supporting Social Director

34. Student Union President of the Year (Government own University)

35. Student Union President of the Year (Private own University)

36. Best Campus Event

(Event organises in 2016)

37. Best Campus Event Organisers

38. Best Campus Gospel Artist

39. Student P.R of the Year

40. Student Entrepreneur of the Year

41. Most Enterprising student Female

42. Most Enterprising student male

43. Student Entertainment Personality of the The Year

44. Best student Model of the year male

45. Student Model of the Year Female

46. Student Talent Manager of the Year

47. Best Campus Radio Station

48. Student C.E.O of the Year

49. Best Record Label on Campus

50. Best Student Graphic Designer

51. Best Student producer of the Year.

52. Best Make up Artists

53. Best Make Up Studio own by Student

54. Campus Magazine of the Year

55. ANUCA 2016 Song of the Year

56. Best Couple on Campus

57. Student Rapper of the Year

58. Student Political Icon of the Year

59. Most Adorable Male

60. Most Adorable Female .

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DISCLAIMER The Students under Review who are Fit to be Nominated For Annual UniversityCrest Award are students who have Won anAward within their school Before

100 Students

1. Most Beautiful

2. Most Handsome

3. Rookie of the Year Male

4. Rookie of the Year Female

5. Student Musician of the Year

6. Most Enterprising Male

7. Most Enterprising Female

8. Most Fashionable Student (Male)

9. Most Fashionable Student (Female)

10. Student Photographer of the Year

11. Most Creative Student (Female)

12. Most Creative student (Male)

13. Best New Model on Campus (Male)

14. Best New Model on Campus (Female)

15. Best New Couple on Campus

16. Best New Brand C.E.O on Campus

17. Student P.R of the Year

18. Most Popular Male

19. Student make up Artist of the Year

20. Most popular Female

ANUCA 2017 Alumni Award Categories

1. Artist of the Year (Male)

2. Artist of the Year (Female)

3. Best D.J of the Year

4. C.E.O of the Year

6. Best Brand/ Company

7. Best Leading Website

8. Actress of the Year

9. Actor of the Year

10. Best Movie of the Year

11. Video Director of the year

12. Best Clothing brand

13. Best Journalist

14. Best Stylist

15. Best Make up Artist

16. Song of the Year

17. Politician of the Year

18. Rapper of the Year

19. Producer of the Year (Movie)

20. Producer of the Year ( Music)

Special Recognition Awards

1. Vice Chancellor of the Year

2. Media Partners Award

3. King & Queen of ANUCA 2015 & 2016

4. Face of ANUCA 2016

5. Best student choice Bank of the Year

6. Best Student Choice Network Provider of the Year

7. Best Hang out spot

8. Parents of the Year

9. Student Union Body of the Year

10. Best New University

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