Amebo Of The Week: Top 10 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Sleep NAked Aways

Scientists have discovered interesting health benefits of sleeping nAked which can help elongate your life.

1. Nudity Fills You With Vitamin D
We always fear of sun rays and because of that we use sunscreen and ointments. Know that sun rays are only harmful, if you are staying in the sun for longer period. Getting direct sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes early in the morning is very beneficial, if possible prefer being naked. This will increase the amount of vitamin D you will get in your body and this also improves your mood.
2. Gives a Healthy Skin
Just like us, our skin needs to breathe too. Tight clothing looks good, but it has some negative health effects to you and your skin too. Tight clothes compresses our skin and results in suffocation which results in too much sweat and that can give you pimples.
Dead cells, toxic wastes and bacterias that comes out with sweat can be reabsorbed by your skin, if it doesn’t gets the required air to re-breathe. Staying naked or sleeping naked can help in removing toxic wastes and other substances from your body by giving a chance to your skin take a healthy breath.
3. No ‘Red’ Marks
Women wearing bra and panty may get red marks on their skin, because of the tight elastic band that is attached with these clothing. Also, sleeping while wearing tight clothes slows down the blood circulation in your body. Hence, it is advised to sleep naked or in loose clothes to improve blood circulation as well as to get rid of red marks, which is great for your health and skin too.
4. Helps You to Get Relaxed
Nudity can treat depression, lowered self esteem and other psychological problems, similar to the clinical treatment. Sleeping naked can improve your blood circulation, makes your system healthy, leaving your body feeling warm and free.
5. Reduces the Risk of Infection
Your clothes soak up all kind of toxic wastes hidden in sweat, which can turn in to a breeding ground for bacterias and germs that can give birth to various kinds of infections. Nudity reduces the risk of harmful bacterias that are present in your clothes and helps to maintain personal hygiene.
6. Increases Fertility
Wearing tight elastic underwear can lead to restricted blood flow near genital areas and your private parts. Such underwear and low rise jeans puts pressure on your private parts, which gradually destroys the sector and decreases the number of sperm. Hence, if you are naked for a long time, chances of increased fertility are very high.
7. Improves Blood Circulation
Sleeping naked improves blood circulation and helps in relieving stress that occurs in the abdominal area. Tight underwear prevent blood circulation and skin may have rashes and red marks. To get healthy skin and body- sometimes you should sleep naked. Avoid wearing tight clothes when sleeping. If you feel uncomfortable, wear loose clothes, just avoid tight clothes at any cost.
8. Sexual Desire
When sleeping naked, sexual desires are at highest level, increasing the desire to make love. In addition, when your husband / wife sees you naked, you will not be able to stop yourself to get near to them. Sex-related problems will be improved too, gradually makes your married life more healthy and romantic.
9. Better and Deep Sleep
For a good night sleep, sometimes you should sleep naked, without any clothes on. You will feel more comfortable and at peace, physically as well as mentally. Next day you will wake up with increased energy levels, positive attitude and a good mood.
10. Weight Loss
One of the best and the easy way to lose weight, Isn’t It!! Yes, one of the best and my favorite health benefits of sleeping naked. Research shows that if you are getting a quality and deep sleep, you will be free from stress. We all know that stress causes belly fat and sleeping is one of the best way to beat stress.
What Research Says
Sleeping without any clothes on or naked is not only good for our health, but has also helped in improving sexual relations. According to a report, it has been found that when sleeping naked, risks of getting diabetes are low. There are so many surprising health benefits of sleeping naked, you may not even heard of. American National Sleep Foundation have done researches and found such fascinating results on sleep, sleep pattern and the health benefits hidden in it.
Even before this, many research has been done and found out that sleeping naked can help in weight loss, blood pressure control, getting rid of infections, improved sex drive and many more.
Researchers in their research have also added that when sleeping without any clothes, body temperature gets lower than normal. To improve this temperature, our body naturally accelerates the process of metabolism.
Increased level of metabolism not only solves health problems related to metabolism, but it also reduces the risks of diabetes at a very low level. In the meantime, brown fats also gets active, which helps in burning calories, resulting in weight loss. The research is published in the journal of America Diabetes.

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