Adekunle Gold Impersonator Nabbed In Lagos Night Club (See Shocking Photo)

This message is to put all  promoters and night club owners in the awareness party  that there is guy that look just like YBNL Toaster (Adekunle Gold), the guy  was busted at a popular night club in Surulere, Lagos last night by a show promoter named Kogbagidi.

The impersonator of the popular RnB artist Adekunle Gold was cruising around Surulere night clubs on tour when a fan of the YBNL star, noticed him and phoned a famous promoter kogbagidi, who immediately identified the impersonator at the V. I. P section sipping Hennessy with cold ice and chicks around him.

When he was questioned about specific details of his supposed record label, YBNL and he couldn’t provide viable answers he was openly accused by the club owner and Kobagidi of impersonation.

When the impersonator (fake Adekunle Gold), saw that he had been discovered, he begged the owner of the club for his dare life and ran before the police got there.

Fans have been called to alert any security agencies or call 112 or 767 if you see this hungry impersonator around.

4 thoughts on “Adekunle Gold Impersonator Nabbed In Lagos Night Club (See Shocking Photo)”

  1. OkoAfusa_HimSelf says:

    just imagine he was drinking Hennessy on the VIP…. , is a thing that you can just post a picture of yourself to me on instagram , and he will welcome you better than this shit you involve yourself tooooo

  2. wf derof says:

    lolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the guy will have sex allot of babes!!!!!!!! claiming adekunle Gold

  3. Janet says:

    Asin they much look alike mehn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, @wf derof every lady wonna be a celebrity girlfriend now

  4. walezy says:

    the weyre go sit down for VIP , they flex Hennessy

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