9ice Blasts Nigerian Govt, Calls Them Thief In His New Song – Another Eedris Abdulkareem Trouble?

In case you are not aware, Alapomeji 9ice just dropped a bombshell kinda song titled “Promise & Fail” some days ago and it was just too hot 🔥🔥🔥
The song addresses major Nigeria’s problems, the Pranks & Politricks our so-called leaders are playing with our Lifes & Future 😞

9ice went weird, e no even look uche face as he blasts the hell out of the “Change” led APC Government and those who led our dear country astray in the past for their own selfish interests.

9ice came out fearless, he voiced out for the common Nigerians at this time when many Entertainers are quiet for God knows why (Maybe for the Bag that will start jumping about when Election campaigns starts).

See some part of the Lyrics below:-

Na one big party we deh operate

For our front dem go fight

But for back dem deh corporate

Fake fake trials full everywhere
If poor man steal food dem go cut him head

Killing going on here and there

Politicians stealing money everywhere

Make it simple make it unattractive (He wants their Salary reduced).
We thought they said they want to serve us?
Make Governor’s salary = 20k

Make Senator’s salary = 30k
Presdient’s salary = 50k
Let’s see those will now die trying to serve us geniunely 😉
We all are not too young when Eedris Abdul-kareem dropped “Jagajaga” during Obasanjo‘s regime which totally crashed him music career badly.

The Nigerian Government of then dealt badly with Eedris and till now, he’s yet to get back on his feet both Musically & Financially.

One thing is sure, our leaders are greedy and they don’t tolerate anyone who is like a treat to their Government and can do anything to end such person’s career.

Fela suffered greatly also but came out stronger and even more badder.


Eedris Abdulkareem experience is the major reason most Nigerian Entertainers are afraid to speak up for their people.
We all are going through a lot and most Music is the best way to caution and call our greedy leaders to order but when those who look upto are no where to be found, what do we do? 🤔

9ice spits fire on his new song and does not even care what the Nigerian Government and others would say about him, let’s all keep our fingers cross and see what happens.

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