7 Amazing Sex Positions That Let A man Get In Much Deeper When Making Love (Photo)

Dear Men, If You Can’t Go 7 Or 8 Rounds, Please Don’t Contact This Lady (Contact Her If You Can)

 Best 7 Amazing Sex Position: Making love is exciting and for thousands of years people have invented tons of things to make it even better. One of them is learning how to enter deeper into your woman! Guys, learn  This 7 Amazing Sex  positions which allow you to go in as deep as you can!


1. Flatiron

This is not a commonly used position, but it allows you to go really deep in. A lady should lie down on her belly and you may place a small cushion under her hips and legs to elevate the private part. The legs should be set apart, but not widely. The man comes from the top and from behind.Image result for Flatiron sex style
 In this position both partners enjoy S3x the most, as the man gets in deep and has the freedom of movement, and the woman’s G spot is stimulated. However, a woman needs to trust the man to have S3x like that as she gives him the full control over her body.

2. The laptop position

A man sits on the bed with his feet down on the floor and the woman gets on his lap. It’s a variation of the cowgirl position, but when you both are sitting.





3. Classic cowgirl position


The man lies on his back and the girl sits on top of him, like a cowboy riding a horse. And the man uses his hands to provide her with support. He holds her hips and assists her in moving up and down.




4. Missionary position


Over 70 percent of ladies love it despite its commonness and lack of originality. Both partners face each other and the man does all the moving; while the girl relaxes and enjoys.



5. Doggy style

The woman stands on all fours and the man comes from behind, just like the dogs do it! But it works. You can get in the deepest and she enjoys her G spot being stimulated.




6. Spoon position

She lies on her side and he comes from behind and also is on his side. They lay as two spoons in a drawer. That’s where the name comes from.




7. Seashell position

A woman lies on her back, like in a missionary position, but her legs are wide apart and are raised. The man may hold her legs up or she may place them on his shoulders. That’s how you get the perfect access for deep action.   As you see, these 7 positions allow you to get more fun in S3x

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