2Face Idibia and M.I Abaga Set To Drop Joint Album

As regard to the growing report in the music industry that an M.I Abaga and 2face Idibia joint album is a possibility this year.
The two superstars have in the past month stealthily teased us with Game of Thrones-esque photos which had them looking like genuine players in the great TV show. These reports are steadily gathering steam and if industry whispers are correct, the legends will have an album out this year.

A 2face Idibia and M.I Abaga album is more than a project. It is an amalgamation of the powers of two legends who have given us some of the brightest moments in African music. 2face Idibia is the singing legend, M.I Abaga has rap at his feet. This story is more than a story for the fans. It is a blessing.

This year’s ‘Babylon’, according to reports, is the first released single off their joint project. That’s the very artistic combination to end world peace, bring on salvation, galvanize dying hearts, and set minds in motion for change. All with music. The two stars have been on this path for as long as their careers have existed, feeding on the existence of suffering to create protest beauty for the public to channel their hearts to higher purpose, and inspire hope.

That said, none of the stars have been clearly vocal about a joint album, although there have been multiple opportunities to get that off their chest. But the rumors and reports have been circulating for months that both camps are on it, and the photos have shown that this collaboration is more than a single. Would Chocolate City and Hypertek Records come together to guarentee this album becomes a reality? And do 2face and M.I have more music done than they’ve led on? With all the surprises and short-notice releases that have happened over the past 24 months, imagine the impact of a 2face Idibia and M.I Abaga album completely coming out of nowhere.

Only time will tell, but whether you’re excited about the music or not, the spectacle of the whole thing would be worth the price of admission.

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